What is Ochareo?

Ochareo is a nonprofit Religious and Cultural Organization. Our purpose is to educate & rebuild spiritual and cultural connections with our ancestry. We celebrate and preserve the music, food, and Oracle System which plays a significant role in our tradition. We contribute to the Lucumi legacy!


Ochareo was founded by renowned Lucumi Priest, Frank Bell. Mr. Bell has over 30 years experience in The Lucumi Tradition. Check out Frank Bell’s Bio here. 

What does Ochareo Mean ?

  • O-Obedience to the Orisha & our Ita’s
  • C-Commitment to our Guardian Angel & Egun
  • H-Humility to the Orisha and to our religious community’s purpose
  • A-Adoration to the Orisha and to the sacred ceremonies of consecration
  • R-Respect to our elders and teachers in our community
  • E-Enthusiasm, passion and devotion to and for our religion
  • O-Ocha (Santo) Ire (Luck, prospering) Ochareo, May the Orisha distribute luck, prosperity and abundance throughout the world!


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